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<p> My name is Grant Barnard. I'm a kief web designer and front end developer from Cape Town, ZA!</p>


<h2> About </h2>

<p>I have a passion for designing super clean and minimal websites as well as writting clean and semantic code. I enjoy pushing the boundries of web design and challange the norm. I also enjoy coffee, way more than I should and gaming ( basically the same as every other designer and developer out there ). </p>

<p>TL:DR - I'm just a dude that enjoys designing and building kief websites.</p>

<p> Skills: Web Design, UX Design, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular, PHP, Wordpress, Woocommerce </p>

<h2> Work </h2>

<p> Take a look at a selection of kief projects I’ve worked on</p>

<li> Project Involvement </li> Design, Development, Wordpress

<li> Project Involvement </li> Design, Concept

<li> Project Involvement </li> Design, Development, Wordpress, Logo

<li> Project Involvement </li> Design, Development, Wordpress

<h2> Contact </h2>

<p> Drop me a mail, I’ll reply now now! </p>

<h3> hello@grantb.co.za </h3>

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